Action Group call for Environmental Impact Assessment

The Betton and Norton Action Group are calling for an Environmental Impact Assessment to assess the  impact of dust and odour pollution on residents from excrement spreading. This follows the recent Court of Appeal ruling in the Tasley Brook case in Bridgnorth, Shropshire.  

In light of this case BAN Action Group are stating that Industrial Planning Application 19/01154/FUL, which would be located in a nitrate vulnerable zone as well as a drinking water safe guarded zone, has not been adequately assessed for toxic dust and odour emissions, which pose serious health risks to both local residents, the community at large and protected wildlife species.

In the recent Tasley case, The Court of Appeal confirmed that the fields where the storage and spreading of manure will take place have to be identified; the potential dust and odour impacts modelled and an assessment made of the likely significant effects on the environment and on nearby residents. Read here.