Ecology – Otters

We have video and photographic evidence (see below) of otters on the Tern River, very close to the proposed development site. We submitted this information to Shropshire Council and subsequently, the applicant has included a very short survey in the revised ecology report.

The survey concludes that as no fields sign were observed on site on the day of the survey, the site is unsuitable for forging or breeding otters!

We know this is not the case. The founder and chair of the UK Wild Otter Trust, Dave Webb, previously expressed his concerns to Shropshire Planning – see here and will be doing so again. He is also coming to talk to us on 23rd April 2019 – more info later.

Did the survey actually take place?
We are not sure if the survey actually went ahead as there is no evidence to show this: no map of the route surveyed, no target notes with grid references showing areas of the locations of potential breeding sites & resting sites.

Serious Threat to Otter Habitat
The Otters and their habitats would be under very serious threat if this kind of intensive poultry development went ahead. The potential risk of pollution from run off from 32,000 free ranging birds and their excrement into the Brook, River Tern and water course would be catastrophic for Otters and other wildlife. 

Otters are extremely sensitive creatures and even small changes in scent and odour can change their behaviour put their habitat under threat. 

We will be asking for another Otter survey to take place. 

Otters are protected under schedule 5 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.


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